Big Artificial Vagina

Understanding the Importance of Big Artificial Vagina

For years, a big artificial vagina in India has been making men confident and hopeful in their sex life. To add more spice and variety, Adultvibes, our online sex toys store in India, brings more to people’s doorstep. These are none other than synthetic vaginas that men use as substitutes to enjoy sexual intercourse, masturbation, and other sexual activities.



The Safest Ways to Deal with a Big Artificial Vagina in India

It would be wrong if you run after a big artificial pussy without knowing how to use it safely. As these exude the natural feel of a human vagina, people need to keep it safe and in good condition so that it continues to please men in bed.

So, here are some of the best safety precautions for using an artificial big vagina. Take a look:


➡️  Clean it before and after the performance 

It is essential to clean the silicone vagina sex toy before and after the performance. Although these are the safest materials, bacteria might hover over the body. So, take a toy cleaner and clean up every body part so that you can enjoy good health and hygiene.


➡️  Get some lube

Lubricants work like magic on sex toys as they work on humans. When there is penetrative sex, it has to be smooth, and nothing beats a lube in assuring smoothness to your experience. Go for a water-based lube, apply it well into the vagina, and start stroking.


➡️  Give a slow start

A vagina toy for men should have a slow start. Aggressive stroking can hurt, especially those who are new. So, start with slow strokes and enjoy the feel. After some time, speed up the strokes and perform like a champ.


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