Lusty Love Big Artificial Vagina BAV-022
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Lusty Love Big Artificial Vagina BAV-022

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What is Big Artificial Vagina?

A big artificial vagina is a large sized female sex organ. It looks exactly like a real vagina and, therefore, used by men to enjoy masturbation and intercourse as well. It comes usually in the natural skin colour and is quite soft to play with.

A big artificial vagina is usually made of premium quality silicone. As a result, it feels quite pleasant to penetrate and gives men heavenly pleasure. These female sex toys are designed to trigger erotic stimulation and makes men enjoy their sex life in bed.

There are different types of artificial vaginas available. The online stores preserve the most high-quality ones at the best price.


Features of a Big artificial vagina

·         Realistic look

·         Soft to penetrate

·         Used for male masturbation

·         Made of silicone

·         Causes faster ejaculation


How should Beginners Use a Big artificial vagina?

For a beginner, he should first unpack the big artificial vagina and keep it ready for cleaning. Once done, a bit of warm water and soap would be required. The solution is then to be made where the vagina should be cleaned thoroughly.

The interior of the vagina should be cleaned as much as possible. In fact, each and every part of the vagina must be cleaned before use. Once the cleaning is done, it should be dried completely. After drying, it should be lubed well with a lubricant so that the vaginal opening stays moist. Thereafter, one can get ready to do intercourse or masturbate.


Things to Keep in Mind while Using a Big artificial vagina


When it comes to using a big artificial vagina, the experience is just unmatched. One should be aware of using the big artificial vagina and keep certain things in mind:

·         Make sure to clean the big artificial vagina and dry it well before use


·         Lube up the vagina well and do not leave it dry


·         Make sure to clean the interiors properly, or otherwise, there might be skin complications


·         While penetrating the big artificial vagina, moisten your genitals a bit so that the penetration happens smoothly


·         If you are using a toy to insert into the big artificial vagina, make sure to clean it before and after use. Also, use the toy slowly.


·         Keep the vagina in a very secure and discreet place. Try to preserve it in a cool place.



Now that you have got a fair idea on how to use a big artificial vagina, you can now make some serious plans for it. Order a big artificial vagina online and enjoy to the fullest.




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