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Have you ever heard about a Mr. Realist Vibrating Dildo? Have you ever desired to bring the Inflatable 3D Wife to your bedroom? Did you ever think of penetrating an artificial vagina even if your partner is not with you? All these erotic things are now possible if one takes complete access of the collection at Adultvibes - Online Sex Toys Store in Kolkata. Packed with the most versatile sex toys and gadgets, this popular online sex toy store in India now promises to bring men and women an active and never ending sex life. Be it trendy masturbators, feature-rich dildo vibrators, natural breast enlargement creams or real sex dolls, the collection of sex toys here is just massive and is sure to leave you excited.

Adultvibes is quite aware of the problems faced by men and women in bed, and accordingly, it has brought such effective sex toys that would bring positive results. Premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are two of the most common problems faced by men. Therefore, it has brought male sex toys like penis extender sleeves and enlargement creams that will let men grow the size of their penis and sustain erection for long. This would be helpful in delivering a satisfactory performance in bed with this partner. Similarly, Adultvibes takes care of the women as it has brought breast enlarging creams, new vibrators, hot lingerie and more.

Couples can also stay happy by choosing from couple sex toys like anal dildos, strap-on, BDSM kits, lubes and gels etc. Whatever is the product; one can shop for it online from any state, city or area in India and get it delivered at one’s address. The sex toys are all imported, medically tested and reasonably priced. Furthermore, flexible shopping modes like Cash on Delivery, Net Banking, Debit/Credit card, Paytm, NEFT etc. will help users have a wonderful shopping experience.

Adultvibes is now offering exclusive offers on sex toys which you will find it difficult to get in other online sex toys stores. Check out all the special offers on all our products that will keep your shopping expenses as low as possible. While browsing the collection of adult toys in Adultvibes, you will come across new arrivals, best sellers and even featured products that will leave you impressed. With every new erotic product, you will tend to become experimental with your partner. Even if you have been deprived of the love of your partner, you will come across such innovative toys here that will give your sex life a new energy.

The sex toys we have here at Adultvibes are quite realistic. In fact, you will come across plenty of toys that look like real private parts of men and women. Right from artificial penis, silicone breasts to artificial pussy and hymen, this online sex toys store has an incredible collection of such toys and that also at the most economical price. So, start shopping from our store, avail the discounts, check the special offers and get the most desired adult toys to your bedroom for more fun and happiness.

Build Happy Hours Every Night with Sex Toys In Howrah

Have you ever imagined the impact of sex toys in your life?Well, if you have no idea of how to initiate new erotic plays on bed, try playing with the exclusive range of sex toys in Howrah. Be it for men who are down in life or women who want some more entertainment every night, the collection of sex here at the adult toys store in Howrah will leave you happy.

More than those hugs and kisses, sex toys will bring you the willingness to explore each other’s body as much as possible.So, the online assortment of sex toys in Durgapur will also be great to consider.

Now, let’s have a quick glance at some of the best sex toysfor singles and couples:

Realistic Female Vibrator– Women always want real things on bed. The realistic female vibrators are designed keeping in mind the shape of the male penis. These vibrating dildosrun on motors that create powerful sensations on the genitals, leading to orgasm. Some fine recommendations for you are Double Penetrator, Apollo Silicone Realistic Vibrator, Playboy Realistic Vibrator,and Mr. Realist Vibrator.

Sex Real Doll – There is nothing special for men than spending quality time on bed with a sex doll.The exclusive silicone sex dolls at the online adult toy store are almost like real hot girls with hot bodies.Check out the Solid Silicone Real Sex Doll and the Double Decker 4 Holes Real Sex Doll that are made of pure silicone and make good bed partners.

Masturbator for Men – Men take pleasure in masturbating in their own ways. It does not have to be the hands every time.The online store dealing with sex toys in Kolkata brings malestrokerslike Male Stroker Baby Pussy, Mastomatic – The Automatic Blow Stroker, Huan Mei Pocket Male Stroker, Hot Girls Original USA Lotus Vagina etc.

Penis Enlarging Cream – The male penis is now going to stay strong and erect with the high-quality penis enlarging cream brought to you by the online sex toys store. With such a solution, men can now bid farewell to their undersized penises. Some products that men should give a try areJaguar Power Ultra Foam Penis Enlargement Cream, Beauty Skin Penis Enlargement Cream, Titan Gel Penis Enlarger, Ultra Foam Penis Enlarging Cream etc.

Bondage Sex Toy –The most innovative and passionate form of lovemaking is bondage sex. To initiate such eroticism, the online adult toys store has a superb variety of bondage sex toys. Basically, these toys are used to conduct role plays that build up the real essence. Some bondage sex toys that can be considered are Chastity Lock Device, BDSM Sex Kit, Double Metal Ring Gag, Mouth Ball Gag etc.

Get Sex Toys in Howrah and Sex Toys in Kolkata for Men and Women

So, you can see how amazing the collection of sex toys at an online store is. Whichever product you are willing to order,whether it is sex toys in Howrah or sex toys in Durgapur, you can now place an order from anywhere you wish.

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You help other people in their purchases by sharing your experience.

Arhaan V.
My Plan has fulfilled now
I and my partner have rediscovered our love in bedroom with this fabulous anal dildo. It looks erotic in black color and the silicone material makes it safe and reusable. The vibrations from this toy are beyond any doubt. Moreover, I can carry it to any place discreetly.
Suman D.
A bright moment of lovemaking
I am ready to share my feelings with all my friends. Yes, this adjustable vibrating dildo is a great to trigger my inner emotions. The long vibrating toy goes so deep that my partner and I both enjoy vanilla sex with a rough move.
Subham S.
Works effectively
The cream acts wonderfully on my penis. It has quality content that gets absorbed in my penile skin. I have to use it thrice a day. It is required to massage thrice a day.
Ravi r.
27 y.o.
Worst Service
I have ordered my product on last Friday and got a commitment that I will get my delivery till Wednesday It's Friday and when I call the support no., they upfront comment that we don't know "when your product will arrive" and mute the call. Today that girl said that "it will take more 4-5days for your product to get deliver". I have paid in advance for the product now kindly update me the exact and if you people are not able to deliver my product then kindly refund my money.
Pranjal D.
Time is here for fun
My wish to have sex toys in bed has become true with cock rings. The soft orange toy is brilliant to give me orgasmic pleasure with this 2x vibrating speed. I have used this a couple of times with my partner and we have enjoyed our togetherness.
Arnav P.
The 8th wonder
This sleeve is the 8th wonder of the world. Its length and girth increase my penis size and thickness. It undoubtedly makes my sessions sensational. Now I can stroker for a longer time and in a better way. The sleeve is made with superior-quality silicone, which makes it skin-friendly. It is a reusable sleeve that you can wash easily after using it once.
Viraj J.
A worthy investment!
My super doll is a worthy investment. Her quality and texture are so amazing that I have remained spellbound. In the beginning, I was quite confused about its quality. But after making out with her, my confusion vanished. The doll is worth buying. Being waterproof I can even have it with her in the shower.
Udarsh C.
After receiving this product, I was satisfied with its quality. I was satisfied more after making out with her. Her lusty and soft body feels heavenly. There is fine detailing in her vaginal and anal holes. The specification of the clitoris is perfect. Her hard yet soft nipples are fun to bite.
Joy T.
A toy that is the best partner
I have the girl of my dreams. Her body looks very attractive and never made me think that I am not with a real woman. I feel her suppleness anytime I want. Water is used to inflate her and play.
Uday D.
A gift from my friend
I am single and I can’t ignore that a companion is the best in bed. The way she is designed, I can hardly take my eyes off from her nude and sexy body. The softness of her body is just an added advantage for me.
Ansh M.
Yup, this is great
Life is all about getting pleasure. So, this time I have grabbed a sexy girl who sits in a bend position ready to have fun. The opening part lurks me totally and I can’t take my eyes off from her whenever I look at her. The skin colour is an added advantage.
Ishaan K.
Climax is just fun now
My dream to have a toe-curling feeling is not a dream. The use of spider sower masturbator helps me to forget all the stress and focus on attaining pleasure. I am happy to see that this toy I can be tilted and played till the end for attaining orgasms.
Nilay K.
Excited after using this toy
I am very relaxed now. After using this toy my inner desires are fulfilled and I can find orgasms after every session. The toy is soft from inside and I can insert in the toy quite easily and the climax I just beyond words.
Biplab M.
I am excited after using
I am so much happy after trying a masturbation toy. This one is exception as this one is real-like looking girl that makes me go crazy with various naughty ideas. The can is portable and can be carried anywhere in a small bag.
Damini K.
Nice and awesome product
My faith in herbal products has come back. All the credit goes to the breast enlargement cream that has made my life far better. The herbal cream of Panama has made the work easy for me. I can do whatever I like with my breasts that makes me feel happy. I love the packaging of the cream as well.
Monica C.
New route to pleasure land is with me
I am so much impressed with the new set of sex toys. The breast enlargement machine has helped me to increase the undersized breasts into bigger and bouncier ones. The machine has seven different modes that make me go crazy with naughty thoughts. The toy is soft and it fit me well. I can carry this pair to any place I want.
Smita P.
Wonderful time with the artificial hymen
I am divorced and so wanted to start my life newly. In order to achieve that goal in life I have done many preparations including buying a kit of artificial hymen. It looks really attractive and using I is super easy. I just have to fix it on my real vagina. When I had started to have fun there is absolutely no difference between the real and the fake one.
Ridhi K.
Feeling heavenly after using this toy
I have tried various kinds of mature toys. But nothing has done so much pleasurable for me. The credit goes to the vibrating panty that has made a lot of change with the innovative way of getting stimulations. I wear it for many times and go out to get some experience of naughtiness in bed. The remote control makes the operation very easy.
Rabri C.
Extraordinary nipple clamp is here
My collection of toys is now brilliant as I have a wow accessory for me. Yes, I am excited to have the pair of nipple clamp vibrator that has given me a series of pain that has fulfilled my fantasy of pain and pleasure together. The vibrating eggs give vibrations that are a perfect toy to stimulate. The remote makes the job easier.
Namrata M.
Content and excited at the same time
I am married and so I spoke to my partner about it and finally we picked up this toy. The electro sex kit is the one as there are 100 stimulating patters and I can really place a pad on any part of the body to get unlimited fun and stimulation. The LCD is operated by my partner and I get limitless fun.
Deboshree S.
Wow! This is just mind-blowing
Time has changed and so I have started to use mature toys instead of fingers. The sex kit I bought has various types of mature toys. It has one steel vibrator with 5 different kinds of sleeves that makes the private hours incredible. Even it has some other things like gel that makes me happy.
Jhulan V.
Time has taught the naught tricks
I always want to make my nights dreamy like anything and so I bought this lelo vibrator this is what I expected. The toy is small but totally efficient to make me feel naughty is a less amount of time. My private hours have started to become more enjoyable with my new mature toy. The hassle-free operations are really praiseworthy. Even cleaning it is also hassle-free.
Sonia D.
Enjoying the nights like anything
I have a great collection of toys but this time the music vibrator is just enjoyable. The length of this vibrator is impressive and it smoothly goes inside the private area and it tickles the part. I love to soothe my mind with the tune and have fun with vibes. I am happy with the pink colour.
Sayani L.
Loving my recent purchased toy
Life is all about getting unlimited fun with my sex machine. The toy is very long and it slowly goes inside the private area for unlimited fun. The vibrating modes are great as it brings out my hidden desires quite easily. I can control the operations by using the knob very efficiently.
Mallika M.
Increased the pleasurable hours a bit more
Hi girls, my life is just awesome as I have the brilliant bullet vibrator from here. The length of the toy is just right as it tickles the right spot without much difficulty. The 20 different modes of vibrations slowly turn me on and help me to attain orgasms as well. The remote makes the job super easy to control the toy.
Riya R.
Lovely hours at night
I love to relax in the free hours at night by using the mature toys that looks trendy. The length of this toy is very pleasurable and the dots at the vibrator are awesome to stimulate. It makes me feel naughty as well. Handling this toy is also hassle-free and the head of this toy is just perfect to stimulate the internal area.
Heena A.
The top-notch g-spot vibrator
Hello friends, I am happy at nights with my brilliant g-spot vibrator. I haven’t used anything like this before. Rather using it once has given me fun-filled moments all the nights too. The fantastic single mode of vibration stimulates me well. The g spot vibrator can be cleaned and carried anywhere in a small purse as well.
Megha R.
Live every moment fully
Hello friends, I have bought this vibrator that has changed my life completely. The toy has grabbed my attention at once with its unique look. The length of the g-spot vibrator is very impressive and it slowly goes inside my vagina and makes me naughty as well. I am happy as I can wash this toy easily with water.
Susma S.
Energy regained after using the toy
Life is full of stress and I can’t ignore it too. But to make the private hours extra special I am using the fun toy that looks very similar to tongue. The length of this toy is perfect to stimulate me completely and I just love the various modes of vibrations from this mature toy. The vibrations from this fun vibrator are also extraordinary.
Kavya M.
Happiness at nights are easy
My life is full of stress and challenges and so the need of relaxation is very important. But the same process of getting pleasure is very boring and tedious. I get 100% satisfaction by using the unique hammer head fun vibrator. The golden orange colour is unique with single mode of vibration is just superb.
Nilima S.
Life is happier than before
I am very excited to have a new kind of toy that gives me satisfaction. The glass dildo I bought is very nice and it makes me happy and excited in the private moments. The transparent dildo with red spiral on it is very impressive and it helps me to have orgasms very easily every night.
Malini L.
More pleasure in bed
Nights are for enjoyable, exciting and relaxing now. So, being a single girl I can’t stop to get it fully by using this vibrator. The lengthy toy is very marvelous and it stimulates my inner area. It also teases the right spot without failure and I can fulfill the hidden desires. The toy is soft and I can wash it as well.
Anjala S.
Excellent experience after use it
My boyfriend has given a new kind of mature toy. I can’t explain the level of enjoyment and satisfaction I have derived after playing with it for the first-time. The luxury vibrator is perfect for stimulation and the tickling inside the private area is also amazing and gives unlimited fun too.
Gautami V.
My choiceable vibrator
Every night I am now spending time with one of my favourite mature toy i.e. this super rabbit vibrator. The toy is long and it gently goes inside the private part of the body and makes me satisfied. The stimulation is now easy as the multispeed toy is just mesmerizing
Riyanka J.
It is very helpful vibrator
Life has given an opportunity to remain happy and so I bought this long and perfect vibrator for me. The vibes are perfect and makes my nights extra special by using the rabbit vibrator. The design is also very nice. The rabbit vibrator is washable as well.
Aadvika N.
This colour of toy gives me natural feelings
My husband loves to see me playing with my favourite toy. He enjoys watching me getting orgasms by using this mesmerizing toy for me. The colour of the toy is also very nice and my favourite.
Shuhasini M.
I can clean it very easily
Hello girls, I am very happy to have this long dildo. The toy has two penetrating sides that are long and soft as well.
Manisha P.
It easy to use
Spending awesome time at bedroom with this long and flexible non-vibrator has fulfilled all my naughty desires. Both the sides are equally pleasurable and make me satisfied.
Heer S.
The vibes are awesome
My life means no more monotony as I have the best solution. Yes, I bought this very beautiful and awesome vibrator from your online store last week only. After playing with it my intimate life is just brilliant. I can have profound sleep and I am able to understand my body as well.
Charu S.
The colour of the toy has also impressed me a lot
Playing with a real-like mature toy was my fantasy since I was adult. But nothing really impressed me till I saw this real-like mature toy on this online store. Every night is now full of experiments with this silicone made vibrator.
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