Secure payment

Customer satisfaction is everything for us here at Adultvibes. It’s not only through our products that we want to make our customers happy but also make sure they can shop with us conveniently. We, therefore, have brought multiple payment modes for our customers who will be able to shop with us with no hassles. Have a look at the payment methods that will ensure both safe and effortless shopping:

Cash on Delivery

Staying free from the compulsion of making on-spot payments while ordering for a product is only possible with online shopping. We too do not require customers to pay instantly while buying products from our store. We just take the customer’s address, ship the order there and get cash from the customer thereafter.

Net Banking

Net banking is also a safe way to shop with us. You just need to have the net banking service activated in your account for initiating transactions.

Debit/Credit Card

The use of both debit and credit cards has added loads of convenience to online shopping. Whichever card you are carrying, you can use it to make the payment. The card details will be kept confidential.


An incredible payment mode has been introduced named Paytm that involves electronic fund transfer. The best thing about this payment mode is that it does not involve any extra charges.

National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT)

NEFT is a very secured and easy to use payment mode. Those using smartphones will find it easier to make payments through it.

Immediate Payment Service (IMPS)

Electronic fund transfers made instant through smartphones has what made IMPS popular. This is another payment mode initiated through smartphones.

One does not have to pay additional charges for these online payments. Now, stay away from hassles and shop from our store with pleasures.