Penis Extender Sleeve

Silicone Penis Extender Sleeve in India consists of superior quality silicone and TPR. The silicone material gives it a soft and skin-like texture. A vibrator is set in it. Vibratory stimulation gives prostate massage. The vibratory sensation also reaches the g-spot of the female partner during intercourse.

The penis extender condoms for male are a great solution for erectile dysfunction. Besides, the penis sleeve helps in premature ejaculation. It boosts the confidence of a man in bed. The penis sleeve also boosts up the pleasure of the partner. It is compact and easy to wear.

Is Silicone Penis Extender Sleeve in India effective?

Silicone Penis Extender Sleeve in India is highly effective. It is widely used by men. Other than helping erectile dysfunction, it adds up the pleasure in intercourse. The vibrator boosts the orgasm to a good extent. There are textures on the body which cause more sensations.