Faqs By Privacy

Is your privacy policy applicable for third parties?

Yes. Our privacy policy includes a prominent fact that there would be no interference from third parties. We have made clear that we do not operate through third parties. Moreover, we do not conduct any illegal business for which there would be issues. Instead, we follow all legal procedures while sending our orders or making payments. Most importantly, our online store is not at all fake and we conduct business all over India and even at Asian countries. Serving customers in the most legalized manner is our duty and we are committed towards it without any doubt. 

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What will you do with my email ID?

We are crystal clear about our intentions to use customer data. Hence, we take email IDs, contact numbers or other data for sending essential details to customers. It is primarily for this reason that we require email addresses of customers. Furthermore, we send notifications and important updates regarding our orders or products when required. To be precise, we never sell any sort of details of our customers to third parties through their emails. We are completely aware of a customer’s privacy and accordingly we make legal use of one’s email address.

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What will happen if someone violates your privacy policy?

The privacy policy we have for our store is followed strictly. We ensure that it read and understood well by our customers. Anyone who violates our privacy policy will be subject to legal actions. Each and every aspect mentioned in our policy has been highlighted in regard to not only our safety but also the customer’s. We always instruct our customers to read our privacy policy before making any sort of deals.

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