Vibrating Panty

What is a Vibrating Panty?

A vibrating panty is a piece of erotic underwear that comprises a vibrating mechanism. A woman can wear it normally under her clothes and enjoy the vibrations while doing her usual activities. It is usually a bullet vibrator and includes a wireless remote for operation.

What is the Benefit of Wearing a Vibrating Panty?

On wearing a vibrating panty, women enjoy the constant vibrating feel. Be it while walking, working, sitting, or eating, she would always feel those vibrating tickles on her genitals. Well, this would happen only when the other person would operate the remote and play with the vibrations accordingly. So, this is the real fun of enjoying a constant erotic sensation with this vibrating panty.

Also, women will not have to use their hands for enjoying the hidden vibrations. The experience would be entirely hands-free. The online adult toy stores have such modern erotic accessories of great variety.


How should you Wear Vibrating Panty?

The vibrating underwear is worn in an exact manner just like a woman wears her undies. Prior to wearing trousers, she has to wear this erotic panty and ensure that it is in contact with her clit. So, when the other person will use the remote, she would feel the vibrations on her genitals and get stimulating sensations.