Rabbit Vibrator

Rabbit Vibrator – Clitoral Stimulation at its Best When it comes to using adult toys, the first question that strikes you is how effective they would be and how safe they are for your genitals. Plenty of such toys exist at the stores but you need to choose the one that would arouse you in moments and therefore reach the zenith of orgasm. What about a rabbit vibrator? These vibrators are simply amazing as it gives women the pleasure of a blended orgasm. This means that one gets two orgasms at the same time – one is clitoral and the other one is vaginal. Unlike other vibrators, a rabbit vibrator is highly effective in terms of arousal and will make you completely satisfied on the bed with your partner or alone. Now, the question that might pop up is how to use a rabbit vibrator. Firstly, they are very easy to operate and involve no complications in the process. A rabbit vibrator is usually equipped with a set of controls while some have a wide number of shaft options. This lets you customize it as per your choice as well as the effect you want to have on your sensitive areas. However, a lot of women prefer using lube or balm to their clitoris prior to using the vibrator. In fact, this is not only beneficial in terms of doubling your sensations but also keeps you safe. Go slow with the rabbit vibrator you have chosen, rub gently the ears covering the labia edges and move down the thighs. Choose the first speed for the ears and hold the vibrator accordingly on the clitoris. In seconds, you will experience a high clitoral stimulation.